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Welcome to Canada Home Pro! Soon to be Calgary's number one choice both in residential & commercial Professional Cleaning Services.

Canada Home Pro is a division of Canada Yard Pro LTD; A trusted name in yard maintenance and landscaping for the past six years, servicing hundreds of customer's each year. Our decision to diversify in the home cleaning business was quite simple; our Lawn Care customers suggested it. Our success with Canada Yard Pro was a direct result of our understanding that our customers are our number one asset and that providing them with the best possible service at a fair price was the key to our growth.

We bring that same thinking to Canada Home Pro, starting off by having our own homes cleaned by numerous people and then hiring the best of the best and paying them above the industry standard. Our rational behind this is very simple; if we treat our employees fair, they will do a good job for us and our customers. We didn't want to follow suit with the industry standard by charging a premium price for a service and then hire anyone, at just above minimum wage, to perform that service.

We believe we can still be a profitable company by offering competitive prices to our customers, while still being fair to our staff. We also wanted to remain as eco-friendly as possible. At Canada Yard Pro, we spent years to develop a 100% organic fertilizer program and with Canada Home Pro, being GREEN is important so we took the same approach. We researched the right mix of eco-friendly cleaning products that will obtain the same or better results as traditional cleaners, but won't leave your home with strong smells or negatively impact the environment.

Please contact us for a free in-home assessment.

Calgary Maid Companies Services

Kitchen Cleaning Services Calgary

Calgary House Cleaning Services
  • Wash Floor
  • Wipe Down Cupboards
  • Clean out side of all Appliances
  • Clean Stove Top; including Drip Pans
  • Wipe Down Windowsills
  • Clean inside of Microwave
  • Wash Counter Tops & Back Splash

Bathroom Cleaning Services Calgary

  • Clean Scrub & Sanitize all Showers Tubs & Toilets
  • Vacuum and Wash Floors
  • Clean Sanitize Vanities & Counter Tops
  • Change Towels
  • Polish Mirrors

All Rooms Cleaning Services Calgary

  • Dust all wood work, Sills & Ledges
  • Make Beds
  • Dust all Furniture
  • Spot Wash Walls and Doors
  • Vacuum Furniture including under Seat Cushions
  • Remove Cobwebs & Dust Bunnies
  • Wash Floors
  • Vacuum Carpets and Floors including under beds & Stairs
  • Remove Trash

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